Rice Dishes

All rice dishes are served with salad.

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    • Sabzi Biryani G,H

    • 11,90

    basmati rice with fresh vegetables, nuts and fine spices
    • Chicken Biryani G,H

    • 13,90

    with steamed chicken breast fillet, fresh vegetables, nuts and raisins
    • Lamb Biryani E,G,H

    • 14,90

    with tender lamb, fresh vegetables, nuts, raisins and oriental spices
    • Jhinga Biryani D,H

    • 16,90

    with fried king prawns, fresh vegetables, raisins and nuts
    • Mixed Biryani D,H

    • 16,90

    with fresh vegetables, king prawns, tender chicken breast fillet, lamb, nuts, raisins and saffron

  • spicy
  • medium spicy
  • very spicy


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