All Lamb dishes are served with basmati rice.

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    • Lamb Curry

    • 12,50

    lamb in curry sauce Indian style
    • Lamb Sabji

    • 13,50

    lamb with fresh vegetables in curry sauce
    • Lamb Saag

    • 13,50

    lamb with spinach and ginger Indian style
    • Lamb Vindaloo G,L

    • 14,50

    lamb with baked potatoes in coconut milk tomato sauce
    • Lamb Korma G,H

    • 15,50

    lamb in mild almond cashew cream sauce
    • Lamb Khumbi

    • 14,50

    lamb with fresh mushrooms and aromatic curry cream sauce
    • Rogan Josh Bhuna

    • 14,50

    fried lamb with garlic, onions, tomatoes, bell pepper and spices
    • Lamb Champ Masala

    • 21,60

    briefly grilled, fried lamb chop with fresh tomatoes, onions and ginger, in special Masala sauce

  • spicy
  • medium spicy
  • very spicy


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